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Fire Power


Do you have a word for your year 2021? Is it just me or does it seem that this practice has exploded this year? I think it’s great.

We did this a few years back and since the first few days of 2021 seem to be full of optimism I was feeling the vibe to bring it back. We discussed it as a family what our word/s for the year will be. Our Mantra for the year. A sort of affirmation that will guide and motivate us throughout the year.

As we discussed it, everyone had so many wonderful, crazy and silly ideas but the youngest (who is 6) said FIRE POWER and we all agreed. What was surprising to me was that everyone was onboard. For the first time, it wasn’t just something that Mom wanted to do. My kids are age 6, 8, and 10. They all have their own goals for the year which is really cute but I am here to honor that with them.

Fire Power. We all have a fire within, right? What do we need when we feel stuck? I envision our hearts burning bright with the flame growing big with each inhale we take. I don’t know. We will probably be coming up with all sorts of ways FIRE POWER relates to a situation throughout the year. The best thing is that we are doing it as a family.

I’ll let you know how this plays out throughout the year. My son has already used it to describe his farts, my husband used it whilst we were exercising which cracked me up. I think we are gonna have a lot of fun with these words this year.

Have you picked out a word or phrase for this year?

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Happy New YearFeatured


Well here we are, it’s 2021.

My dear Fortynista site, how I’ve neglected you.

I apologize but I’ve held you dear in my heart all these years. Always hoping to get back to you but it just hadn’t happened but I feel this is the year.

Oh sure I tried a little bit last year but I was still releasing crap that has been holding me back in all areas of my life.

Now with the new year, a new 365 days ahead of me, ok, actually like 363 now, I feel ready to grow within this space.

This space, this wordpress space that has changed so much since I used it last. Geez, I hope that it doesn’t take me long to figure things out on here.

This is space I hope to start sharing my health journey. It’s been a few dark years for me and I am not the type of person to share whilst I am going through things. Well to be honest, the dark years ended in 2018 but I had to wait until I was truly clear out of the tunnel and on the other side before I could share. The time has come.

I am always a bit hesitant to say that I will do something online despite this being (up until now) a neglected space. I know that it helps with accountability but truly it is what’s within that helps us move forwards.

I truly believe that we all have the power inside of us to heal. We are all powerful beings but have lived so long within the confines of limiting beliefs that we have trusted others over trusting ourselves. It’s time to take back the reigns to our health, our intuition and expand into a higher way of being like we have never experienced before. It’s also important to do this with love for ourselves and having fun.

I hope that in this space over the course of this next year, I am able to provide guidance through my own learning and growth. Life is all about continued learning and growth. It’s important to keep moving forward.

How are you planning to keep moving forward this year?

P.S. I am so rusty at this but I’ve got to start somewhere.

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The thing about Keto…

Health, Lifestyle

I have recently discovered something about Keto that changed my whole perspective. It was a good reminder to me that sometimes looking at something from a different angle makes all the difference.

So I have been following Keto for about a year now. Sure I lost a bit of weight initially but I am not at the weight I’d like to be or envisioned myself to be.

I know that weight loss is down to exercise and diet. We all know this. Last year I tore my left meniscus which put a damper on any exercise for most of the year. Now I am working my way back into finding a routine. As I get older, this is getting harder to do. Time flies so quickly. I feel like I just worked out last week and it turns out it was April. That is two months!!

So last year I decided to try it. People seem to lose 30 pounds a month and you can eat bacon, right?

It was great initially. I didn’t lose 30 pounds but I did feel better. This was due to cutting out sugar, carbs like pasta and bread. You know the usual low carb thing that we all do to lose weight.

I am not insane with Keto. You won’t find me counting Macros all year long – which is probably why I am not at the weight I’d like to be.

After listening to an episode of The Doctor’s Farmacy with Dr. Mark Hyman about the ketogenic diet, I had a few realizations that have led me on a little journey of self discovery.

I felt like I was failing at Keto yet I kept at it. In the podcast they talke about having low blood sugar, being able to easily skip a meal, the mental clarity all benefits of being fat adapted.

I haven’t had a low sugar hunger pang in a year. If I ever skipped a meal before, I would have shaky hands until I ate something (and usually it would be a bad choice as I was in the hanger zone).

Then I decided to experiment with how I feel if I skip a meal. Do you know that I easily fasted up to 24 hours. EASILY. I only ate at 24 hours because I felt physically weak but I still wasn’t feeling like “I”M STARVING!!!” Interesting.

I started on 24 hour fast, then tried again with a 48 hour fast – which wasn’t as easy as the 24 hour fast but it wasn’t the worst either.

I have been curious about the healing benefits of autophagy for some time now but never thought I could fast because my experience before was trying to fast from a glucose energy state – which is torture. It’s so hard to do it from that.

The experimenting continued.

I compare 3 days of eating with some carbs added in throughout the day (mostly a variety of breads with a meal and not a lot). I wanted to see how my body reacted and of course I was sleepy, low energy, bloated (OMG I forgot about that too) and I even started noticing eczema rear its head in various places on my body. By the 3rd morning I ate granola cereal. Not because it looked good and delicious but because I felt like I needed it. I had that “I’M STARVING” feeling. Haven’t had cereal in ages.

Back to Keto after that breakfast.

So here I was thinking I was failing at Keto but actually came to the following conclusion:

I was succeeding at Keto because my body was fat adapted – converting fat for energy. I don’t experience hunger pangs, I have more clarity, more energy and I don’t wake up each morning with a bloated belly. I can easily skip a mean without it affecting my daily performance.

Just because I don’t religiously count out Macros doesn’t mean I am doing it wrong. The story I was telling myself was that I was failing at it because I didn’t have a 30 lb weight loss success story or the lean fit body that I was telling myself everyone who does Keto has. Ridiculous, right? It’s amazing the stories we tell ourselves.

I have never been more convinced than now that Keto is a great long term lifestyle for me now in my 40’s and beyond. Perhaps that will change again in the future but for right now, this is the way forward.

I would encourage you to learn more about how your body reacts and get in tune with your body. This is the time to learn how to take better care of yourself to be the strongest and healthiest version of you.

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Long time, no see


So it’s only been about 3 years since the last time I wrote a blog here on Fortynista.

What Happened?

Well, I fell into a deep depression that lasted a few years. It happens.

Parts of 2017 and most of 2018 remain as dark times in my memory. Now I know not all of it was bad as there are pictures to prove that I did have some good times but overall it was tough.

I went through a long period where I hated my life – everything about it. Did not want to write publicly as anything that came from me was from a vortex of negativity. I did keep a journal though and in due course I will probably share tidbits from that.

The thing with depression though I realize is that a lot of people do not like talking about it when we are going through it. We are still trying to pretend everything is okay. Be strong. Keep moving forward. Think positive.

I thought if I just keep moving forward I will push past it. But that is not what happened. My search for happiness was not leading me where I wanted to go.

I ended up sinking further down the rabbit hole. It got to a point at the end of 2018 I was fed up with my life. I hated the way I felt. I hated the way I looked. I hated that I gained weight. I hated living in Switzerland (which was a major catalyst for the depression in the first place).

I thought I had been working my way through the depression for that year but I wasn’t making progress. This blog definitely took a back seat. The funny thing when I started this blog I was at a great point in my life. I thought Life Only Gets Better as you head into your 40s. I used it as a tagline. Now in hindsight, seems so naive.

I stopped doing most the things I love. I stopped coaching – even though from various places I was told that if I did things “in Service” (helping others) that I would feel better. Now I do know that to be true, however, I was just not in the right headspace to coach clients. I was not happy at all.

Not being happy and just feeling negative is what came back to me. Even a trip to the shop could easily turn into a dramatic event. When all you see is negativity that is exactly what comes back to you. That is Law of Attraction 101.

It was taking its toll on me, my health and my relationships in my family. It had to change.

I started implementing habits that I knew would help – daily meditation, practicing affirmations and visioning. My experience as a health coach helped me cope up until that point, along with help from fellow coaches that inspired or motivated me.

I decided in December 2018 – enough was enough. Instead of feeling crap, I started asking myself “What do I want to be experiencing instead?” I would conjure up exactly how I wanted to feel (happy) and just let myself feel that for a few moments each day. Some days the good feelings would last longer that the last.

From there everything changed, I started thinking more positively and I lived happily ever after.

Don’t we wish it could be that easy? I decided that I wanted to find peace and happiness within so that it shouldn’t matter where I was living. I spent all of 2019 on that goal of finding happiness and peace within. Whilst the move to Switzerland may have been the catalyst for my depression, it only highlighted unresolved deep seeded issues longing to be addressed. This would have happened anywhere.

One of my favorite place in der Schweiz. Rigi Photo by @Christian_thoeni

This lead me on an incredible journey of growth and self discovery that I wasn’t expecting. It definitely wasn’t easy and there were a lot of dark places I had to go to release old stories that were keeping me down.

I never expected it to take so long to feel better but I am at a point in my life where I feel strong. I feel happy. I know myself much deeper than I have before but the learning continues.

This little site, Fortynista, I’ve always had high hopes for. I think that is why I never let it go. I just wouldn’t. I took a break but now I am back motivated more than ever.

My goal is to focus on lifestyle and health issues for women in their 40’s. I want to share what I have learned over the past few years and what I am continually learning. I hope to bring in new contributors to keep the content fresh and varied. It’s gonna take a little while as I dust the cobwebs off. You will be witnessing a transformation on this site that has laid dormant for so long. Thank you for following along on this journey.