the Ad Movement

Recently I attended the launch of #TheADmovement.

#TheADmovement is organised by three energetic fitness and nutrition enthusiasts who wanted to get women more involved in their own personal fitness.  You’ve got to like the sound of that.  I certainly do.  When I first came across this event through Instagram, I knew I had to go.  What can you expect when you put 3 health motivated young women together?  Only good things.

The team consists of Abeer Emiri who is the fitness social media maven @girlsjustwannaclean and the founder of #runlikeagirlAD.  This girl is always training which is very motivating.  She currently works as a personal trainer and coach and you can often find her upping her game either from push presses to muscle ups.  Sarah Al Nowais is the blogger behind  She is currently studying to be a health coach so her instagram @fitnutuae is full of inspiring delicious food.  And to complete the trio is Kristen Anderson who is a Fat loss coach and can be followed for awesome nutritional tips @KristinofArabia.  These women came together to start The AD Movement to create a women-only health event where women can work out together.

TimaWhat did I think of this event?  Impressive.  The location of the event took place in the garden of Anahata Spa in Khalifa City. Decorated simply with a lights and flowers, the event had a welcoming feminine feel.  Hard to miss and the first thing your eyes were drawn to as you walked in was the back wall.  Made of plywood with the letters THE AD MOVEMENT in white, participants were able to write their messages on the wall in various colours. A cozy outdoor majlis in one area for those who wanted a quiet conversation.  In the centre of the garden the workouts were happening.  Along the edges were cozy picnic like areas for ladies to sit, relax and watch as they waited for the next activity.  Along the edges of the garden were only a few select high quality vendors which include TimaLoveLife, the Raw Place, Yapparel.  On the other side of the garden you could find the newly started meal plan service Love Food – talk about inspiring.  This service has a jaw dropping healthy gourmet menu that will have you salivating just looking at the pictures.  Meals delivered directly to you.  Not really great for families, more focused on individual needs.  I’m thinking with the summer exodus coming up soon – it could be perfect for sorting out the spouses left behind.  On the patio of the spa, the Canadian Medical Centre were on hand to give women their body analysis.

The event took place from 4-8pm.  I was only able to turn up for half of the program starting at 5:45 with Yoga.  I arrived about 10 minutes before the yoga started and could see the women getting beasted by Abeer with Fitness Bootcamp.  The women were doing team races of bear crawls, lay downs, crab walks and I probably saw some burpees in there.

Once the fitness bootcamp ended the Yoga started.  The Yoga session was run by Natascha of @soufituae.  We all followed Natascha’s flow movements which gave us a great stretch and worked our core.  Breathing is key when doing the flow yoga as we did a movement in rhythm with our breathing.  After a busy week, this was just what I needed.  A great reminder that I really should incorporate yoga into my life.

After we did the yoga, a group nutritional talk was held.  In the break, women were encouraged to write down their questions for the discussion.  The main purpose of  the discussion lead by Kristin and Sarah was to create an awareness of our individual relationships with food.  There are so many different programs to follow out there, but as individuals we need to think about what we are eating and why. Something that works for one person, may not have the same effect on someone else. As we sat in the circle, discussing various topics, it was clear that a lot of women do have a good basic knowledge of eating healthy, however, there were a lot of very familiar questions.  You know, the ones that you swear you’ve seen as magazine articles or blog post, or perhaps have asked yourself: Should I drink water when I eat?  What kind of supplements should I use for training? Should I workout before or after I eat? Should I be counting calories to lose weight?  Which goes to show that there is so much information out there, it can be confusing.  Women want answers from each other – from people who have the knowledge and experience with that particular subject.  Everyone in the group had the opportunity to contribute to the conversation which made this a valuable and enjoyable learning experience.

The last event was with Meditation with Sana Bari from Inner Space.  I was only too excited to go through this because over the years I have heard how great Inner Space is from friends who have attended the workshops there.  Sana is a very soft spoken quiet woman who makes you feel immediately at peace.  She asked when was the last time we took care of our mind?  Most often people take care of their bodies, but neglect the mind.  This is where meditation comes in.   We began. There were no long chants or hums which can sometimes be associated with one’s concept of meditation (mine), but instead we stared into a flickering candle as we cleared our mind.  It was a refreshing session, inspiring me to get myself down to Inner Space for some soul connecting meditation.

When the event was finished I was inspired, motivated, refreshed and excited.  I left feeling happy and so glad I went. What a great place for women to come and celebrate health.  The AD Movement will hold quarterly events with the next one planned for some time in June.  Start following @theadmovement on instagram to stay informed of when the next event will be.  Hope to see you there!

The AD Movement.

The founders of the AD Movement. This picture from their instagram captures the energy they brought to the event and how people felt when they left.



Do you have an event like this in your area?  If so, share the details below.