So it’s been a while since I posted anything.  I don’t know how you feel but I feel completely drained from this week’s election.  What a shocker of a result?  Okay,  I am stating the obvious.  I know this.  To beat the blues I have returned to my neglected blog.  I have been meaning to get back you for some time now.  Today is the day.  I have never done an A-Z list ever and usually despise them but this is how I am keeping myself occupied and away from the TV and social media. a-z-post election slump

Are you in that post election slump?  You know the one that has you in a daze, wondering what will happen next?  Don’t worry my dear reader, everything is going to be ALRIGHT.  But in case you need some help, I am here to share how I am getting out of the post election slump. Hopefully you will find it useful or perhaps I can keep you entertained for a moment.

Here are the A-Z’s of escaping the post election slump:

  1. ACTIVITY: Put down the phone, get off the computer and move your body. Go for a run, or a walk.  Go enjoy the outdoors – even if its cold outside.  The cold air will do you some good.
  2. BAKE:  Thanksgiving is just around the corner, as is Christmas.  Although judging by the decorations up in all the shops one would think Christmas is next week.  Why not use this time to start trying out some new pie recipes.  Time in the kitchen is always well spent.
  3. CLEAN:  I don’t normally like to to clean but I tell you what, my windows and mirrors were sparkling by 10 am on Wednesday morning (I am about 8 hours ahead here in Zurich).  Cleaning is active and the sense of accomplishment is rewarding.
  4. DECORATE:  Why not spend a few hours working on that room you have been putting off?  You know, we all have that one area in the house that we keep saying we will reorganise and decorate.
  5. EAT HEALTHY:  Don’t use how you feel as an excuse to hit up the Ben & Jerry’s.  You know you want to – Put it down!  Eat some fresh vegetables with dip instead.  Prepping the food has a calming and relaxing effect.  Plus getting those vital nutrients and vitamins in your body will do your body a lot more good than eating comfort food. You are already working through some things, no need to add in food guilt, right?
  6. FAMILY:  Spent time with loved ones.  Do something fun or visit a place you haven’t been before.  I loaded the kids up in the car and headed out for a day trip.  It was a great way to take my mind off of things for a few hours.
  7. GRATITUDE:  Focus on what is GREAT in YOUR life.  Don’t worry about what is going on in the world around you just now.  Focus on your blessings, keep your mind free of any negative thoughts and keep a positive outlook for the future.
  8. HYDRATE:  Because it is easy to forget to drink water when you’re dazed. Grab that water bottle and keep it close.
  9. IGNORE the media.  It will just upset you further.  Turn off your phone.  Don’t look for new articles.  Nothing is going to change just now so put the phone down and turn the TV off.  It will just keep upsetting you. It may seem like the end of the world but IT ISN’T.
  10. JESUS:  Pray to Jesus.  Even if you aren’t religious you may find that your prayer habits have increased over that last 48 hours.  I know I just said it isn’t the end of the world, but just in case – have your bases covered.
  11. KINDNESS: Be kind.  Too Simple.
  12. LAUGH:  Watch some stand up comedy.  There’s a ton on youtube – but avoid any comedians referring to current election.  Look up the classics like Richard Pryor or Eddie Murphy.  I found an old Kevin James video talking about “Pizza Math.”  Hysterical (only because I have actually done this).
  13. MUSIC:  Music is good for the soul.  Turn up your favourite tunes and relax or dance around with your family.  The kids always love a bit of mommy’s crazy dancing. Go old school because it will make you feel YOUNG again.
  14. NETFLIX and Chill:  I can recommend Luke Cage – even if you are not a Marvel Fan I think you may find this one interesting.  The Crown had me hooked this week.  If Sci Fi is more your thing – perhaps Black Mirrors could keep your mind off the current state of affairs but it is a bit too life like in a scary sort of way (I have since covered all my cameras on all my devices).
  15. OPRAH:  Anything Oprah is always a good bet.  I pulled out her book “What I know for Sure” as I like to read at the beginning of each year.
  16. PRAY –  Meditate.  What ever you do to feel close to God. Reconnect with the universe and get those positive vibes.  Everything is going to be alright.
  17. QUIET time:  Take a few moments for yourself.  Read a book or just sit and be still.  If you are a stay at home mom with 3 little kids like me just ask the kids to be quiet.  They will honour your request.
  18. REST:  Stay off the computer, turn off the TV by 9:30pm.  Try to get an early night’s rest. You’ll feel a million bucks in the morning.
  19. SOCIALIZE:  Grab your favourite girlfriends and head out for a meal, movie or spa day.  Election talk is off the table.
  20. TICKLE Someone:  It’s silly, it’s fun but sometimes can cause a bloody nose.
  21. UNDERSTAND that we are all in this together. Negativity will get you nowhere.
  22. VISUALISE Good things in your life.  For example, your kids being quiet when you ask them.
  23. WINE:  Have a glass of wine but when you feel the urge to have another, well…alright then, go on. I know I said to Eat Healthy but they say wine is good for the heart.
  24. XANAX:  Pop ’em if you got ’em. Just kidding….not kidding. Alright.  I couldn’t think of a better word beginning with X but it does seem like the sort of thing that can get you out of any slump.
  25. YOGA:  Who doesn’t like a bit of stretching and focusing your breathing.  Yoga can be very beneficial at time like this.  Don’t know how to do it?  Don’t worry.  Just youtube it.  You’ll find loads of tutorials.
  26. ZERO in on your goals.  Don’t let this noise be a distraction. Use this time to reflect on what goals you have accomplished in 2016 and focus on what you want to happen in your life for 2017.  Start making an action plan.

And there you have it.  My A-Z of Escaping the Post Election Slump.  Not my best work but it got me back to writing after several months. They say every cloud has a…no…too soon.

What have you been doing these past few days?  Celebrating, commiserating?