Well it looks like resolutions are out, Mantras are in. Nothing like starting 2017 on a trend.  But in all seriousness it seems like 2016 was a crazy year for us all.  Time to take some serious action to avoid any more drastic changes for 2017.  If it takes a mantra, then a mantra it is.

For me, 2016 took a 180 degree turn as soon as we left our cozy life in the desert and opted for a more real world experience in Zurich.  The past few months have been a difficult time of adjustment for me personally but as I look back I see that I have come out stronger. I am much more capable than I give myself credit for. I often underestimate the strength that I have.  I’ve learned that whilst it may have been difficult for the last half of year, along the way I have had some real magical moments with family and friends.  Moments filled with love and laughter and moments where I learned something new or gained a new perspective.  I believe we all underestimate ourselves and what we can achieve.  Sometimes we don’t find out how capable we are until we are thrown into the deep end, but it doesn’t have to take a drastic change or excruciating circumstances to prove that to yourself.

Today, for the first time ever,  I thought about cancelling this blog.  Why?  Well, I haven’t had the time I thought I would to write, even with a schedule and editorial calendar in place.  As it turns out, blogging at night is difficult when you are exhausted.  I am currently also training as a health coach so I have that course work which takes priority.  It gets hard to manage it all.  Today, as I reflected on what I wanted to accomplish for 2017 I just wanted to bin it all.  I was talking myself out of it.  Why stress myself with this?  Wouldn’t life be easier if I didn’t have to worry about it?

The more I thought about it, along with my 2017 mantra (which were totally conflicting each other), I asked myself if it was worth it?  My husband, who is always supportive, was encouraging me to keep it going. Fine. I will keep it going.  I feel like Keep Moving Forward is a mantra I often say to myself.  No matter how big (or small) the step is, as long as you are moving forward – it is the right direction.  My blogging goals from 2016 are going to be carried forward into 2017 so now Don’t Stop Moving Forward is relevant.   I have moved forward little by little.  I may not be where I thought I’d be by now, but hard work and perseverance are key.  Right?  I am a long way off from where I want to be physically and professionally but I am still moving toward those goals.

Don’t stop moving forward is relevant in aspects of my life right now.  At a time when I feel like binning it.  I will keep going.  Maybe I am just having an off day.

Let’s see how 2017 turns out.

Happy New Year!


Have you got a New Year’s Mantra?  If so, please share your 2017 mantra in the comments below.