running shoesTime to dust off the old running shoes.  I signed up for my first road race here in Switzerland.

When is it?  New Year’s Eve.

Have I trained?  No, but there is time.

I have decided on the recommendation of a friend to run the Neu Jahr’s Marathon here in Zurich.  I am not running a full marathon but I will run a quarter marathon, so 11k.  One lap I am told.  I can honestly say I never have thought to run on NYE.  EVER.  I would rather be out dining with friends or at home snuggled up.  But as this opportunity presented itself, I thought why not?  The race starts precisely at midnight.  It is an amazing experience to run under the fireworks of the New Year’s Eve celebrations.  Sounds awesome, right?  Ok.  So what I didn’t take into consideration was that it will be freaking cold and another thing that I hadn’t realised until I watched some youtube videos in my post registration excitement was I have to wear a head torch.  What?  I hadn’t even considered the fact that it will be dark!!!  What was I thinking?

Oh well…

So I will be starting 2017 with a run. A RUN!!! My family will be there as it is a big event with a kids run (plus we don’t have a babysitter).  Up past 9 pm – these kids are going to be super excited (or cranky).  Let’s hope super excited but I’ll pack the iPads, earphones, and charger just in case – hey we want to have a good time too!  I thought that this would be a great way to set the tone for 2017.  Positive vibes, fireworks, endorphins and champagne – what more could one want?

How will I prepare? I’ll need to make a pit stop at the local sport shop because I don’t think my desert running gear will cut it.  I am going to have to invest in some thicker stuff and maybe a hat.   It’s been ages since I ran in the cold.  I feel like a complete newbie.

As for the running….

Training Plan

Each week for 2 weeks:

2 x 5k
1 x 8-10k

Nothing fancy.  Just plodding along.  I just want to keep going.  My goal is to cross the finish line without injury.


Wish me luck!


I’ll let you know how it all goes.