For the past few years I have been making a more conscious effort to have personal monthly goals.  They hit all aspects of life from eating more clean to writing more frequently. Each month writing out the goals to ensure that they are in the front of my mind and to also make sure they are happening.  Surprisingly it only take a few moments to write down and it gives me a basis of what needs to happen for that month.

For me 2016 was the year of list writing. I wrote lists for everything.  Writing lists can take you only so far.  What is more valuable than writing lists?  An accountability partner.

Who are you accountable to?  Yourself?  Your partner?  Your family?

When it comes to personal goals, is there anyone in particular you are accountable to?  I like to work alone.  I am actually pretty good at working independently but if I don’t have someone to report back to (such as an accountability partner) I fall flat when it comes to hitting my target.  I may have mentioned before that I am currently taking a health coach certification course.  As part of this course, I connected with a fellow student and we teamed up to become accountability partners for each other to do weekly sessions and keep each other on par for the course.   Honestly if it wasn’t for our weekly calls, I probably…no, I KNOW I would have fallen behind in my course work.  Knowing that I was going to speak with my accountability partner each week motivated me to listen to my weekly classes and do any assigned work.  Going through this process has taught me the value of having someone- that person – to be accountable to.  It makes sense.  It’s not like I am learning anything new but it is always good to be reminded.

How do you keep accountable?  Are you trying to loose weight?  Improve yourself with a particular hobby? Whatever it may be what I can suggest is having someone to keep you on track.  Accountability is key to achieving your goals which improves your overall well being.

Want to start out small? I find that joining smaller Facebook groups helps keep me accountable.  I belong to several groups that help keep me on track for my own personal targets – whether it is fitness, health coaching or blogging.  It is beneficial to have that network to provide motivation.  If you are looking for one small challenge right now over on the Fortynista Facebook page we are having a 30 day Plank Challenge.

I haven’t worked out in a few months and this was a way for me to take baby steps into getting back into fitness.  It also provides a place for me to be accountable.  I want a strong core.  Wanting a strong core won’t get me a strong core.  I have to do the work.  I don’t have enough motivation to do something such as a 30 day Plank Challenge on my own so I invite you to join me.  It doesn’t matter where you are – just join in.

Comment below one of the ways you stay accountable.