So it has been a very long time since my last post.  A very long time.

What has been going on?  Well the past few months have been a very big adjustment for me.  As you may already know, I moved to Zurich last August and since then it has been a roller coaster of emotion, stress with good days and bad days.  The winter months were especially hard.  The short daylight hours with no rare glimpses of sunshine played a heavy toll on me. My mood matched the weather leaving me lacking any ambition.  I barely pushed through knowing (hoping and praying) that better days were ahead.

Adjusting to life in Zurich (a very non English speaking country) has had its difficulties.  It’s getting easier.  I am getting more familiar with the country. Like a lot of expat spouses who mull over what sort of work to do (if and when they return to work), I chose to go back and study something I am passionate about. I have spent the last 8 months studying to become a Health Coach. That has involved doing my weekly lessons, a weekly phone session with my accountability partner, plus managing a few clients.  All of this on top of being a mom of 3 had me feeling the overwhelm hard.

In January I had big plans for getting back to writing. New Year and all that.  I was totally stressing out about it because there was no time!  As part of my health coach certification, I am assigned a Success Coach.  A Success Coach keeps you on track for hitting your personal goals you set for yourself during the Health Coach course. We speak once every 5-7 weeks.  I explained to her (complained) about how difficult I was finding it to keep on top of everything – being a mom, doing coursework and my big blog plans.  She told me this, “You are not making any money from writing (ouch) but you paid for your course.  You’ve made that investment in yourself.  Focus on being a student.  That is all you need to do right now.  Focus on being a student.” Sounds like good advice, right?  I was so put off by this initially.  Whilst I heard the truth in that, I felt she didn’t understand me.  I had just paid the renewal costs for this site, now I am supposed to leave it?

Back to writing.  So whilst this was all going on I started several drafts of posts that I intended to publish, however, I was having such a hard time in my personal life, I found that my mood affected my writing.  Writing can be therapeutic but because I was not happy, I wrote in a more negative tone.  Writing and rereading what I had written just made me more angry about life (cooking, cleaning, housework, winter, Zurich, having no social life, no personal time).  So it wasn’t helping my overall disposition.  I really needed to center in on being positive.  Maybe I should just focus on being a student.

That was January.  I can’t tell you how this advice made an immediate impact in my life.  I was angry for about a day (had even considered requesting a different success coach) but then I just thought “I’ve got to trust the process.”  Putting the blog on hold just lifted a weight off my shoulders.  Suddenly I had more time for everything else without this particular subject clogging my brain.  I have been able to focus on my studies without having to burn to midnight oil. I started journalling – which fed the need to write. Getting myself into healthy routines which is more important than writing a blog post in the grand scheme of things.

It hasn’t all sunshine and rainbows from that point on, however now I find myself in a position where I am ready to get back to writing.  Back to this space, this little piece of real estate on the world wide web.  As I move forward I share the lesson that I learned.  As moms, wives, women we have so much responsibility.  Naturally we put pressure on ourselves to get it ALL done.  Everything.  This leads to over scheduling, lack of time for ourselves, stress, weight gain, the list can go on and on but you know what I am talking about.  You are probably living it.  It’s okay to step back and see what does not take priority right now.  Cut it out of your schedule.  By doing this you making way for what is truly important to you.  Learning to identify what can wait and accepting it that has been the lesson for me.

Most of us have something that can be cut from our schedule that is not bringing value to our lives.  What is one thing from your busy schedule that you could cut out RIGHT now?