As you may or may not know I have spent the last year training to become a health coach.  I am literally days away from certification – YAY.  I have been actively involved in health and wellness for a few years now in an effort to be the healthiest version of myself.  I have also been an expat woman for over a decade.

This past year the move to Zurich was one of the hardest moves I have ever done.  I know what helped me survived and now want to help expat women that may be going through a similar experience.  Moving to a new country can be exciting and fun, but if you experience the dark side of it – loneliness, alienation, lack of confidence, weight gain, depression – it can be the worst experience ever affecting the entire family.

A lot of women put themselves last during a massive family transition when they really need to move their needs to the top of the priority list. The wives/moms are the ones who bear a lot of the burden to ensure a successful move for everyone. It’s easy for women to get lost in the shuffle and their health is neglected. This is my own opinion after going through a difficult adjustment period.  Some women may be able to relate to this more than others.

I would like to focus on expat women during or after an international move.  I have created a survey that would help me do my job better and just gives me a little bit of insight before I head down this path.  If you are an expat woman or have lived abroad before, please take a moment to answer this quick 10 question survey.   Click here for survey.