When it comes to finding a good – no great hairstylist – there are pretty high expectations we as women put on that person.  We expect that hair stylist to know EXACTLY what we are talking about (even if we have never met before) and we rely heavily on their gift of Hair ESP.

“I want layers, but not too many layers.”
“I want the cut to look good even if I don’t blow dry my hair.”
“Can you color lighter at the bottom but not blonde – I want it to be browny but lighter than roots.”

I hadn’t been to the salon in ages.  Forever it feels like.  If you were to walk around my neighbourhood you would think I was just being lazy not getting my hair done as there are 3 different salons within a 2 minute walk from my front door.  I have been visited these places, but when I went to inquire about theses salon I never felt comfortable we were on the same page.  The main reason – language barrier.  Most of these places the hair stylist only spoke a little bit of English.  My non existent use of the German language does not help the matter. Secondly the prices over here are super high.  How much for a hair cut?!  Wash, cut, color, blow dry – the price can add up very quickly.

I did give one place a go back in the autumn.  I desperately needed roots done and a trim.  Because most shops close by 8 pm and I had to wait until my husband returned from work, the only thing the ladies at the salon had time for was a haircut.  I took it. Haircut it is, then. The cut was not what I had wanted.  The layers were not blended so I had them cut up to the last layer to even it out.  Of course I was disappointed and disheartened. Would I be able to find someone who “got me” when it came to my hair?

For months I have been colouring my roots.  A process that I have come to completely despise.  You know the first time it’s great.  You have this all powerful money saving feeling like  “I can’t believe I just spent 10 bucks and my hair looks fab! Why haven’t I done this before?” But then you realise that box color doesn’t really cover your gray hairs and sooner than later you are back at it.  I did this for months until it got to a point where I just couldn’t do it again.

My lack of trust in local hair salons combined with time available made it impossible for me to get my hair done during the week.  It had been recommended to find a mobile hairdresser.  You know when you hear good advice, do you always take it?  I knew that was what I should do, but just never made the time to look into the matter further.  I always had more things to do than make time for me.

With dried hair ends and gray roots over an inch long, I looked in the mirror and did not like what I saw. It negatively effected how I saw myself and sometimes how I let my day progress.  I finally kicked myself in the butt and decided enough was enough – no more excuses – I was going to get my hair done. Time for professional help. The universe was aligned with me because like magic I saw a link for a mobile hairdresser in my Facebook feed – just what I needed.

I contacted Mags from Fleming Hair immediately.  She booked to come the next week.  I never had tried a mobile hairdresser before and was quite excited at the thought of finally having my hair done.

The experience was AH-May-Zing.  First of all, it was great to connect with another expat woman.  Oh the joy of speaking the same language. For a mom who does not get out much, it was great to have an adult conversation and compare experiences about life in Switzerland.  Secondly, it was nice to have someone who understood exactly what I wanted. That hair sixth sense kicking in. Lastly, how convenient is it to have someone do salon quality work in the comfort of your own home.  My littlest one was around and it did get a bit hectic when the other two came home for lunch but it was manageable.

When it was all done I couldn’t believe the result – I was blown away.  Truly.  There were tears of joy.  I had forgotten how GREAT it felt to have my hair done properly. My hair looks better from every angle, even if I simply tie it back. There was a moment after my hair was finished I looked in the mirror and caught a glimpse of the person I used to be (pre-move to Zurich) but also felt inspired about the person I want to be and am becoming.  It was a very powerful moment.  Gone was the tired looking mom of 3 and in front of me was the healthy, glowing version of myself.  I actually had the urge to go exercise (which I have not done in months).

A few weeks later and I am still feeing great about my hair color and cut.  I feel happier, more confident and have actually been making an effort when I get dressed in the morning (sorry leggings).  I have been feeling more motivated which has trickled into into everything that I do.

I want to share this message with all the tired, busy moms who’s days are filled with endless family management: Give yourself permission to make time for yourself and self care.   Fit it into your schedule somehow.  I am still stunned at how amazing I have felt since, completely underestimating the positive impact it would make on my life and on my family. For something that seem insignificant, it’s amazing what a difference a haircut can make!

If you live in the Zurich area I can highly recommend Mags from Fleming Hair.  Check out her Facebook page you can see for yourself how amazing she is.