Yes.  Finally.  Nine months after I started, I’m officially a certified health coach.

This has caused me to reflect (just a little) as most of my attention now is towards the future.  But when I do look back on when I started this course, what a mess I was.  A month earlier my life had been switched upside down with a move to Zurich.  New country, new language, new culture.  I was busy settling in to our new life with 3 kids (2 of whom went to school only half days – whaaat?!).  As a non-German speaker this made ordinary mundane tasks all the more difficult with 3 kids in tow.  Simple tasks such as food shopping took longer than expected because I was navigating around labels that I couldn’t read.  Everything was in German.  I was still carrying around resentment about our move.  I felt like my day was a never ending cycle of cooking, cleaning, cooking, cleaning, laundry, mopping – you get the idea.  I was not making time for myself.  I was depressed.  I was angry.  I was eating poorly.  It was a rough time for me and my family.  Why the hell would I add a certification course into the mix?

I had been looking at becoming certified before moving to Switzerland.  I had already delayed an intended July start. By the time September rolled around I had already decided to push back again and start in November.  I was not in the right place mentally – well…that was my excuse.  When I spoke to one of the school’s advisors at the end of September she asked me “What will change between now and November? It’s only a few weeks away.”  That kind of stopped me in my tracks.  I had to think about it.  Sure I could spew off that I would be better settled or I would be more ready.  But if I was being honest with myself, I knew probably not much would change in that short time.

What was I waiting for?  I decided then and there to take the leap.  I WAS GONNA DO THIS!

Immediately I felt better.  This was something completely for myself which in turn would benefit my family.  After spending a few years searching for something to invest myself in, this was the one thing I felt most strongly about.  I felt completely confident this was the right choice – even if I was still stressing about how I was going to make it all fit in.

So I began the course.  I was expecting it to be all about nutrition and fitness.  Wrong.  It was about so much more. What I have learned over the past few months has been life changing for me on a personal level.  It’s no secret that I struggled with the move to Switzerland.  It has been by far the hardest move I have ever done as an expat. In the end, this course became the lifeline I needed at a time when I was falling apart.  It helped me gain control of MY life as I was learning how to help others.

It wasn’t all sunshine and rainbows after starting the course.  Throughout the year I worked hard to stay up to date and active within my class.  I was up a lot of late nights but little by little I was getting better with prioritisation, time management and letting go of things that are not really important.  My perspective was changing which affected the way I reacted to certain situations, how I exercise and how I ate.  Habits don’t change overnight but I have seen such a dramatic difference in myself from when I began the course until now 9 months later. The best thing for me is the continual learning and growth.

What happens now?

I have already been working with clients for a few months now.  I just continue what I am doing but the best part is that I really LOVE this work.  So much that I signed up for another course.  Why?  Well, I have experienced first hand the effectiveness this transformational work has had on my life. I have seen the positive changes it has made in other’s lives.  It is absolutely amazing, inspiring and there is this energy that is just rejuvenating.  I love it.  I want to learn more and I want to be the best coach I can be.  That is how inspired I am.  So starting next week I will begin my one year long Holistic MBA Graduate Intensive course.  I will continue to do my best and hopefully this time next year I will be sharing a new certification with you.  But that is still 12 months away….

In the meantime I will just savor the joy of completing this course and becoming a Health Coach. Certified.