Earlier this month my gym membership ran out. I chose not to renew – not that it matters as I haven’t been in ages. After the summer break, I went back for a few weeks but then the gym closed (only for 10 days renovation) but that was long enough for me not to make the time to get back into it. So many things happening. We are moving house in a few weeks so no need to renew. I hope to find a new gym in the new year. In the meantime, why not try an AT HOME workout program, right? Turns out a lot of people work out from home and there is a high demand for gym equipment as more and more people forego their gym memberships.

Here’s the thing. I have been out of a regular exercise routine for a few months now. This summer, I stayed active with walking and hikes but never got in a good workout at the gym. I love that functional fitness. Well….I used to. No I still do – it’s so good for that over 40 body.

Months later I am feeling out of shape and everything has gone soft.

All that hard work. I worked really hard to get to a place that I was happy with my physical appearance. After moving here to Switzerland I have been able to maintain that level of fitness with reduced time in gym (usually only going 2 times a week). Far from my physical peak but overall happy with how I felt in my body.

I haven’t been feeling my best self lately. Lack of exercise is part of the reason. The other day after catching a reflection of myself in the mirror with flabby arms, belly bulge and muffin top hanging out of the top of my jeans that too were feeling snug, I knew it’s time to make a change. If I don’t I will be heading down that slope, right back where I started 3 years ago.

To be honest, I have never really been good with At-Home workouts. I like doing classes at the gym. It gets me out of the house. It motivates me. I get too easily distracted at home. However, with the membership running out and a pending move looming overhead, I realized that this would be the perfect opportunity to try an At-Home program.

I posted the question on instagram, and everyone delivered. THANK YOU!

Now I have a list of several different programs that I would like to try eventually. I decided to give Daily Burn a go. Why? I decided with Daily Burn because it was a 30 day free trial and only about $15 a month after that – if I decide to stay on (or forget to cancel..you know how that goes).

So last week I registered and spent more time looking at all the programs than I spent working out. So many to choose from. I selected the program UNDEFEATED. It’s a cardio kickboxing program where the women leading the program look hard core. I did about 15 mins of the 30 minute workout before stopping because, well, I have never felt so old and out of sync as I did trying to keep up with the program….and kids. The kids kept interrupting.

I thought I would get back to it but I never did.

A week passed.

Monday – New Week – New Start.

Already missing a week of my free trial, I have no one to blame but myself. That limiting belief that I am not good with At Home work outs reared it’s head again. Here is the fact – If I want to get physically stronger, I am going to have to make this work (at home and all). No excuses.

I logged back into Daily Burn. I decided to switch programs. As I started to look for new programs, I found myself back at the UNDEFEATED program. I don’t know anything about kick boxing or mixed martial arts except that it gets you fit. If I am going to give it a go, why not try this in the privacy of my home?

The program has 3 workouts a week. For the rest days, I hope to do some yoga or stretching sessions (which are also on the Daily Burn). I did the first workout. I almost gave up around the 15 minute mark (just like last week) but pushed through. What a difference that made! I felt on top of the world – super stoked and empowered that I finished it. It was a sense of accomplishment that was majorly gratifying. With that motivation I look forward to next workout.

Here I go on this journey….back to feeling strong.

Wish me luck.

Have you tried Daily Burn before? Do you have a favorite program?



Yeah, this didn’t work out for me. Despite all the exciting workout programs available, it wasn’t something that I could keep going. I did for the first week or so but it wasn’t something that I could keep doing consistently. This is because I had a little one at home, and although she is fun to play with, it wasn’t fun being interrupted all the time. What I was reminded of reflecting on this is that most importantly women need a support network. You need to have some sort of accountability partner – better yet – a workout partner.


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