The Goldfinch // ‘A classic book, worthy of your time’.

Oh Theo.

Oh dear Boris.

You two!

And the Painting.

This book!

Hear me loud and clear, it was an investment to read. All 867 pages of the paperback copy. And well worth the investment of time I might add. The book requires a lot from you, time, emotion, patience. Trust me it’s worth it.

I had heard very mixed reviews about this book, I can honestly say I firmly sit in the ‘ I adored it’ camp that’s for sure. 

It was chatting with my girlfriend telling her the synopsis (and possibly a bit too much detail) as I recounting the Theo and Boris chronicle that it dawned on me just how much they had gone through. Just how wonderful a writer Donna Tartt is and just how much I was adoring the novel. And at that point I had not even finished the book. And that is why I adored it.

I thoroughly enjoyed the rhythm of the relationships Theo formed along the way. The abandoned lost souls yet kindred spirits that was Theo and Boris. A friendship and bond cleverly woven together with the headiness of their escapism from life. Their survival. Their opportunistic, dependent friendship.

A few of you have asked me is it worth reading. 100% it is. A classic in my opinion.

I was intrigued to see how the movie compares to the book as I know it was a flop on the big screen but I was prepared to give it a go expecting disappointment. I have to say the movie was not too bad. Very slow and I did not appreciate how much the story jumped around. If you had gone to watch the movie having not read the book you were going to be confused as hell and most likely give up. That said, I cannot help but think it would have made a much better TV series. A badass Breaking Bad style series. One of epic proportions. 

Have you read any Donna Tartt novels?

Happy reading, stay safe and well during Lockdown Life. 

Love Sabs xx 

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