If there is one thing we have learned this past year, it’s that life is unpredictable. There are things beyond our control but what is within our control is how WE react to situations. We are ever evolving in life. You have a choice to grow and move forward or to just sit back and not make any changes in our life.

But let’s talk about moving forward.

To be able to do that, you need inspiration in your life. You also need motivation. Inspiration is something that sparks your life with excitement; motivation is something that gives you the energy to keep moving.

So, where do you go to find these two fundamental ingredients for your success?

One of the best places to begin is with reading. If the local library or bookstores are open in your area, start there. You are likely to find a whole lot of books about people in your industry who have made it to the top. Most of these people will be already known to you. Pick out the person who interests and intrigues you the most and head back home. Then start reading their story. You will see that it was no easy task for them either. Regardless of what success they achieved in their later life, they began in a very ordinary way… maybe you are in the same situation right now as they began with.

Reading such stories can be highly motivating. You get a blow-by-blow account of how they made it to the top. You get something to move on with. Most importantly, you gain an optimistic view of life. With a little more analysis into their lives, these famous luminaries could be your inspirations, your role models.

Another very important thing you should do is to always keep a steadfast focus on what you want to achieve. FOCUS. Set your goals and write them down. Then, determine yourself to follow these goals, come what may. FOCUS. Promise yourself that you will not let anything sway you from the path. When you are totally devoted to the results, then ways of how to get there automatically start becoming visible to you. FOCUS. I think you get that FOCUS is key here. It is so easy to get lost in information overload and brain fatigue. When you stay FOCUSed on your goals, you will achieve them. In my experience, I have found that this is a daily practice.

So this will help with your motivation and inspiration. When you get your motivation, you get this unstoppable and impatient energy to get on with the work. You just cannot wait anymore. And when inspiration happens, you hear a click somewhere. Something suddenly snaps into place. You know this is what you want to follow, and your success almost becomes visible to you.