I think we are that point in the pandemic where we have watched all the movies. One habit that I still find completely a time waster is scrolling on my phone.

I’ve been so good at waking up early, not touching my phone until AFTER I meditate, journal and do a little Quantum Flow. I was in such a good routine and I am not entirely sure what broke me out of that routine but somehow I did.

I started to wake up early again but instead of getting out of bed and heading into my office/hideaway room/sacred space, I pick up the phone and SCROLL. Ugh! Before I know it an hour, yes, an hour is gone. I am never gonna get to build my dreams if I am wasting an hour scrolling through the nonsense news (Meghan said what?!).

Then I realize that lately, perhaps in avoidance to do any REAL work, I have been spending alot of time on social media. Too much – especially for a mom of 3 who always has something waiting to be done. I need to get stop wasting time on social media. I want to go back to the days when TikTok was a catchy tune and I didn’t find myself watching hours of Lulu B – Mama Lulu. We all need a Mama Lulu in our life.

I find when I am going through something, there are alot of people dealing with the same exact thing. Instead of wasting anymore time scrolling and not really being productive – should you find yourself in that position – I have created a list of things to do instead.

  1. Get Your butt outside and take a walk – no matter what the weather. A brisk 20 minute walk will do wonders for your mood and creativity. This is definately better than scrolling.

2. Meditate – Try to meditate 10 -20 mins longer than you normally would.

3. Clean Your House– Cleaning is therapeutic and a great way to feel good about yourself. It’s also an amazing chance to look for any problems in your home. For example, if you notice any damage to items in your home, it might be a sign of pest infestations. To get them removed, it might be worth visiting https://www.pestcontrolexperts.com/pest-control/ to see if they could come and remove the pests.

4. Read – Do you read on a regular basis? There was a period of time when I didn’t read for years. Nowadays I always have something on the go. This is the perfect escape from social media.

5. De-clutter – if you are still in a cleaning mood after cleaning your house, declutter a closet. You may find little treasure that you can still use, donate, or sell. Or you may even find items that are broken so the only way to declutter them is to look for a Hard rubbish removals service in your area remove them for you.

6. Sell something online. Now that you have decluttered your closet, try making a little cash with your unwanted items. This applies to both physical and digital items. I used to hate selling online -especially FB. People always trying to haggle a lower price. Now that I live in a country where I have to pay to throw stuff away I am much more open to selling online – even if I only sell something for a fiver. It is only recently that I learned about the possibility of selling videos, e-books, images, games, or any other digital products through an online store. There are companies like FastSpring that can help you build a website to sell digital products and possibly earn more than a fiver a day (see this website if you’re interested).

7. Get Creative – bust into your kids markers, crayons and or paint and create a master piece.

8. Home Spa Day – It’s Tuesday, why not? Or is it Tuesday. Doesn’t matter. Give yourself a mani/pedi at home or do masks with the kids. That will definitely take up some good time and keep you from scrolling.

9. Plan a get-a-way – in your mind. Without going doing the rabbit hole of trip prep, I find it’s best to plan the trip in my mind first, then block out 1-2 hours to book it all.

10. Focus completely on work for the day. Like super laser focus. Notice how you feel and how much work gets produced. Probably what I should be doing right now.

11. Dream – Dreaming is great isn’t it? Dream about what you want in life. Visualize it, feel it and write it out. It will give you some clarity on what you should be doing in life.

12. Call a friend – on the phone. Don’t zoom them. We zoom all day long. Put your earbuds in and call someone up and see how they are doing. Almost like the good ol’ days.

13. Write to a friend – speaking of the good ol’ days, send an actual handwritten letter or card to someone who is special to you. Recently my kids have been doing this and it’s fantastic.

14. Take a Bath – Get some bath salts from your local pharmacy and magnesium yourself up in a hot, detoxing bath. Leave the phone on the charger for this one.

15. Create a Vision Board – I still haven’t done one yet for 2021. How are we in March already. However, one of my friends, Linda just set up a Facebook group dedicated to this so hopefully I’ll get the chance to do it there. Check out her group Dreams by Design.

16. Go Sit outside. In a park, by a lake, in the woods. Do not pick up the phone. Just go out and sit. There is so much joy in just sitting in nature. If you have kids, take the kids and let them play.

17. Do some Wim Hof Style Breathing – This may require you to watch a video but you can watch it here. This is great for your body.

18. Cuddle an animal – if you are pet owner already, give your furry friend some extra attention. If it’s a dog , take that dog out for a walk. If you are not a pet owner, visit an animal shelter. My daughter is such an animal lover. She loves this.

19. Get some house plants. I am loving plants at the moment. Not only is it a two way exchange of energy having plants in the house, studies show that having house plants has numerous health benefits. Check out more here.

20. Make an outline for that book you’ve always wanted to write. What? Yeah, we all have a book inside of us. One things I learned from Lisa Nichols (love her) is to write your book for your younger self. Make you mess your message. Start by making an outline. Really with things like this it’s about getting the energy going. You just need to start.