As you get older, caring for your skin properly is incredibly important as there are many factors in daily life that can negatively impact it, such as pollution, makeup, eating unhealthy foods, stress, and more. These variables can cause many side effects, including acne, dryness, red marks, and even wrinkles, and knowing how to take care of your skin can eliminate these results and leave your skin feeling smooth and looking bright and healthy. There are a few ways to achieve healthier skin. One of the most popular ways is to consider having a chemical peel. That sort of procedure could reduce wrinkles and redness, allowing the skin to look much healthier and brighter.

You can improve the look of your skin naturally. Here are five natural ways to brighten it for a flawless and healthy look for the long run.

Green Tea

Green tea has many common health benefits, such as aiding in weight loss, strengthening hair, increasing energy levels, and more, but it can also help you achieve healthy skin. The antioxidants in green tea help rid the pores of bacteria, decreasing inflammation, acne, and symptoms of conditions like rosacea. It also removes dead skin cells and promotes healthier cells, helping them grow and heal more effectively, leading to smooth and younger-looking skin.

Soaked green tea bags can be applied directly to dark spots, but there are also many homemade options that can serve as simple face masks. Some common ingredients that can be used to make a mask include water, oils, aloe, turmeric, sugar, banana, and more, all of which can be blended with green tea leaves to maximize benefits.


There are many medical marijuana products, and CBD oil is one of the best for your skin. It can reduce the pain and inflammation of many skin conditions such as eczema and acne, whilst it can reduce the redness of sunburn and rosacea. As a powerful anti-oxidant, it also reduces the signs of aging. For those suffering from dry scalps, it can help to moisturize and reduce itchiness, whilst it also reduces swelling from bruises and helps scars to heal. Sometimes a thicker CBD substance may be needed to help with direct inflammation issues, this is where CBD gel comes in handy, with this website offering a type of gel that can help with the healing process and soothe the area directly.

Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is most commonly used to soothe the skin after a sunburn, but it also has many other benefits and can help naturally brighten your skin. Aloe can reduce hyperpigmentation, or dark spots, on the face and other parts of the body with its moisturizing and purifying qualities. The enzymes, vitamins, acids, and other properties in the aloe plant’s gel help fight skin infection and can reduce redness and inflammation.

Aloe in its original form comes in a gel substance from the aloe plant. Aloe vera can be found in various lotions, chap sticks, masks, and other products, but the gel can be applied to any part of the body directly from the plant if desired.

Epsom Salt

This has become of my favorite go to’s when feeling sluggish but it turns out it is great for skin too. Epsom salt and similar magnesium products can help exfoliate and draw toxins from the skin, leaving it feeling and looking smooth and healthy. It reduces redness and inflammation and has anti-bacterial properties that soothe itchy skin and reduce infections. For those with atopic dermatitis, or eczema, Epsom salt can be particularly helpful in reducing irritation and lessening the redness of the area.

Add one to two cups of the salt to a warm bath and soak in the water. Depending on the condition of your skin, a relaxing bath with Epsom salt can be taken anywhere from one to a few times a week. You can also add a few drops of your favorite essential oil to make the bath even more relaxing.

Add Lemon Juice to Water

I know that there are people out there that apply lemon juice directly to their skin but I prefer to drink it. I have very sensitive skin so the thought of putting lemon juice on my skin not so appealing. In my experience, I find that adding a bit of lemon to my water makes my skin look and feel brighter after only a few days.

Bonus: Coconut Oil

Whilst I have not used coconut oil on my skin directly myself, I have witness my friend’s stress out, tired red blotchy skin transform into smooth healthy looking skin just because she started using coconut oil. It was one of those miracle solutions that she resorted to the coconut oil after the doctor failed to help her skin condition.

Coconut oil provides an incredibly effective solution for many skin types due to the wide range of benefits it provides. This oil has anti-fungal and bacterial properties, strengthens skin, protects against sunburn and harsh weather, reduces redness, and is a great moisturizer. These many benefits can help relieve the symptoms of various skin conditions, such as the dry, flaky skin associated with psoriasis. Not only does coconut oil protect skin, it also nourishes it below the surface, providing a simple way to achieve a bright and healthy look.

This natural remedy can be used simply by rubbing a small amount onto the face and body. It may leave an oily appearance directly after application, but the oils will be absorbed. Coconut oil can also be added to face masks and combined with natural substances and lotions for a healthy boost for your skin.

It’s amazing how much is out there that will have a negative impact on our skin. The older I get, the more important it has become to me to keep it looking well. These natural remedies will leave your skin bright while providing the various health boosts it needs to maintain a wonderful glow.

What is your favorite naturally way to brighten your skin? Let me know in the comments