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About Me

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Hello there.  Thanks for visiting Forytnista.

Let me tell you a little bit about who I am.

My name is Inez and I am a wife, mother, personal developement enthusiast, foodie, wine lover, coffee addict and Transformational coach. have been living the expat life for over a decade now. Originally from the US and I have lived abroad in the UK, Abu Dhabi, and now in a small village of Menzingen, Switzerland. My 3 crazy children keep me on my toes and my husband supports every endeavour I venture on.  When I turned 40 I thought it was going be the best decade ever!!!!! That’s what they say.  I started this blog 20 pounds lighter and all full of ambition.  Yes to 40!

In amongst settling in Switzerland, I took on the challenge of retraining to become a certified Health Coach.  Hunky dory, right? Best life ever. 

No.  The big move Switzerland which I wasn’t 100 % on board jolted me down a dark path of depression.  It got ugly for a while there until I had enough. I got to a point of where I needed to get better for me and for my family.  

Using my training as a Health Coach and a life coach and with a crap load of help from various coaches, books, programs and mentors I was able to climb out of depression holistically.  I did ALOT of inner work, mindset work, meditation, saging, journalling, walking in nature, sleeping, anything to get better.  It was a complete spiritual awakening.

It’s been an amazing journey of healing for me.  Now as I slowly come back to the parts of me that I love.  Writing being one of them.  I now share and teach women to heal the same way I did. I also am able to reach the younger generation as a Girlife Facitilitator.  I have recently added Quantum Flow Practictioner to my qualifications as it has been an insane method to heal parts of me that I didn’t know needed healing.

Good, Bad, Healthy.  All of these experiences up until this point in my life had led me to becoming a who I am today. I love how the universe works.

Now I am continuing the journey with this site that I started years ago.  Health is the most important thing we have and we need to do the best we can as we get older.  I hope to share all the cool things I learn with regards to health and lifestyle.  

My goal is to be the highest version of myself – as a wife, mother, and friend.  It has taken me a while to figure it out.  And to get back to fitness level I was at in that pic!

Fortynista is me sharing what I do and love to live the best life possible.  My goal is to inspire other women to live a healthy active lifestyle. Thank you for joining me.